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Transform employee engagement, communications, and collaboration by meeting people where they work with Soundbite™ for Microsoft Teams & Viva.

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What is Soundbite™?

The Soundbite™ software platform is our innovative short-form communications solution for sharing corporate news, updates, tasks, gratitude, and stories.


Soundbite™ for your frontline workforce

Written communications isolate and inconvenience many neurodiverse employees resulting in a disconnect. Learn more about how Soundbite™ can help you connect with your frontline workforce.

How do you reach people who don't read emails?

Meet people where they work with Soundbite™.

Soundbite™ works with all the best apps and many more.

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Get hours back for every minute spent with Soundbite™

Internal communications teams and business leaders around the world leverage Soundbite™ to communicate and collaborate better with employees.

Connect People Everywhere Across Microsoft 365.

Soundbite™ for Microsoft Teams, Viva, SharePoint, and Yammer powers hybrid work, remote team collaboration, and frontline worker communications.

How Customers Use

Human Resources

Human Resources

Use Soundbite™ to drive wellness initiatives, communicate benefits, guidelines, policies, and procedures that help get  people to visit and engage with your intranet investment.

Internal Communications

Create, plan, and share curated content in just a few clicks. Whether it’s a COVID policy,  executive update, or a podcast, you can trust Soundbite™ to deliver and engage your audiences where they work like Microsoft Teams.

Frontline workers in the mines

Frontline Workers

Traditional leadership communications can generate apathy within the frontline ranks. Soundbite™ delivers critical information with a human touch to frontline employees so they know you are on their side.

Executives & Leadership

Executives & Leadership

Is human connection what’s missing in email? 

Help leaders create trusted relationships and communicate better with employees with Soundbite™ platform.

Sales & Product Teams

Sales & Product Teams

Communicate internal organizational updates, product releases, important wins, and training updates in a way that doesn’t require them to skip client meetings or comb through email.

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Hybrid Work

Enable next-generation collaboration by using Soundbite™ instead of meetings.

Capture millions of dollars in lost productivity and realize a healthier workforce.

The Need to Evolve Communications in 2022

Why incorporate the Soundbite™ platform into your communications strategy

Communications Opportunities for 2022

  • Providing long term next-gen communications support for a hybrid but mostly virtual workplace
  • Enable better organizational health and wellness
  • Engage remote staff with fewer IC resources
  • Reaching increasingly Neurodiverse workforces
  • Embracing the under 40 TikTok creator crowd
  • Helping address global email and meeting fatigue
  • Finding new ways to help legacy intranet adoption
Man on a tablet using Microsoft Teams to communicate

Enhance employee engagement and interest in
communications without relying on outdated tech

Numbers don’t lie. Studies show that companies and internal communicators are missing the mark with Millenials and Gen Z audience involvement.

Soundbite™ helps communicators change that.

Why does all of this matter?

The continuously shifting domain of social proof benchmarks, shows us that we need to move beyond current comms strategies of speaking at employees and replace it with shared experiences.

Social proof

Legacy social media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are based on social graphs and miss out on our shared interests.

Social intranets and employee communications apps mimic legacy social media.  Millenials and Gen Z have moved on from legacy social media platforms to engaging in interest based short-form communities.  

In the modern world of hybrid work, it is important we recognize and embrace this opportunity.

Global shift in comms distribution

In 2020 over a 325 million people moved to Microsoft Teams to serve remote, hybrid, & frontline employees.

People no longer live in email or your social intranet. 

They are Teams and prefer TikTok over Facebook.

Microsoft and Soundbite on any device
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Global workplace disruption

Covid-19, remote, & hybrid work has forever disrupted the role of internal communicators and technology.

In response, companies created more statements, emails, posts, meetings, all distributed with legacy technology that lacks design for changing audience preferences, the amount of comms, and significant changes in global working situations.

Worker's need timely information
delivered in familiar channels

Today, internal statements crafted, posted, and emailed by the corporate communications teams are no longer enough.

People want to hear directly from their leaders, understand their perspective, learn from them, and feel deeply connected to the work they do.

Man with headphones

In order for employees to be heard over all the noise, companies must find ways to illuminate conversations

Make calls to action stand out

Creators are the future

Some points to consider when organising your comms strategy to enable higher adoption

  • Audience preferences have changed
  • Everyone is a creator
  • Everyone has a story
  • People want to HEAR from leaders
  • Authenticity over everything

Why is Soundbite™ a great place to start?

  • Human voice is connection
  • Easy to create from anywhere
  • Share more information faster
  • Naturally inclusive format
  • Engage anywhere & anytime
Use data to analyse

How you can realize success with Soundbite™

  • Soundbite™ is a unique new platform
  • Try Soundbite for Microsoft Teams
  • Use for top down & bottom up communications
  • Experience how Soundbite™ lets ideas find you

Soundbite™ plaform for the enterprise

Imagine what becomes possible when you can automatically deliver short-form communications to Microsoft Teams, your legacy intranet, and email newsletters.  All with the single click of a button.


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