Next-Gen Employee Communications

Connect with people everywhere by sharing Soundbites and Podcasts to your intranet, newsletters, and apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Internal communications teams and business leaders around the world leverage the Soundbite platform to communicate better with employees.

What is a Soundbite?

A Soundbite is our innovative short-form communications format for sharing corporate news, updates, policies, tasks, and whatever is on your mind.

How Companies Use Soundbites and Podcasting

Human Resources | Promote wellness and use Soundbites to communicate benefits, guidelines, policies, and procedures.
Internal Communications | Streamline content production workloads and realize greater employee engagement by using Soundbites.
External Communications & Newsroom| Publish Soundbites to media outlets, news and blogs, or share them on social media channels.
Executives & Leadership | Help leaders communicate better and create more authentic connections with employees by using Soundbites.
Sales & Product Teams | Communicate internal organizational updates, product releases, important wins, and training updates.
Safety and Compliance | Deliver critical information to frontline employees and receive a formal acknowledgment.

How it Works

Studio quality, without the studio

easily Create and share soundbites

Soundbite Studio is our solution for creating, managing, and sharing Soundbites and Podcasts. 

Our recording feature automatically removes noise, enhances speech, and makes you sound like a pro with acoustic echo cancellation and audio quality enhancement.

Soundbite Studio is automatically synchronized with your existing Active Directory (AD) distribution lists and groups to let creators distribute studio-quality Soundbites to targeted audiences in minutes.

Meet people where they work

When you click create, your soundbite can be heard from anywhere

Soundbite solves your current communications channel management shortcomings and makes legacy podcast apps like Podbean and uStudio irrelevant.

Rather than asking users to download yet another app, Soundbite lets audiences listen on any device and from virtually any Intranet, enterprise collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams or Slack, email newsletters, social collaboration tools like Workplace by Meta or Yammer.

Not entirely clear on how this works? 

We would love to show you. Request a demo.

Make calls to action stand out

Increase employee responses for Surveys, tasks, and forms

People don't read internal communications emails. The result is frustration from internal communications teams and employees who send and receive more and more emails every year.

Soundbites help reduce email dependency and cut through the noise to make your calls to action stand out. 

With Soundbite, you will get more employees, managers, and leaders to complete surveys, tasks, and more. Learn more about using calls to action in our blog.

Use Data to Analyze and Evolve

global insights help you make communications more effective

From aggregating employee engagement across apps to gaining actionable insights, Soundbite gives you a better view of your audiences from day one.

Gather insights into listener behavior, content performance, and organizational adoption through our Soundbite dashboard.

Global Enterprise Class Security

built on Microsoft azure with integrated identity, data encryption, and more

From the world's largest data center REIT and consumer credit reporting companies to global banks, our customers trust us.

Soundbite is built on the world's leading global public cloud infrastructure and supports virtually every enterprise security and compliance requirement. 

Every Soundbite is assigned to a specific audience or group of listeners. Ensuring your message will only reach your intended audience.

Visit our Trust Center to learn more.


Soundbite makes our peoples daily lives simpler, more efficient and, most importantly, Soundbite is suited to the way each individual likes to communicate – this is how we can all be happy.

– Alex Graves, Silicon Reef

The possibilities for Soundbite are endless. With short-form audio and podcasting, we have realized new communications processes that are over 90% more efficient and engaging.

– Simon Tyrrell, LiveTiles

Ready to learn more?

“I needed a means for relaying critical and time-sensitive information to everyone more expediently and Soundbite is an answer to that problem.

Whereas email and even chats can get buried in the pile, Soundbite is targeted, exclusive and efficient.

The level of engagement from it, and the responsiveness to it, is unparalleled.”

Denny H., McAfee, Director of Communications