Silicon Reef Announcement


As the world has fast become accustomed to working remotely, there is far more appetite for a modern workflow – where employees are empowered by technology and flexible working practices and are more engaged, effective, and happier as a result.  

The US platform, Soundbite, deliver next generation communication with short-form audio, podcasting and micro-podcasting. The platform integrates within your internal communications hub to distribute voice recordings for more impactful and engaging campaigns. We will be partnering with Soundbite to bring their form of voice communication into the Microsoft 365 suite, including SharePoint and Teams. This will allow our clients to use audio recordings alongside written and visual elements for more engaging internal campaigns. 

Silicon Reef are on a strategic path to growth and Alex Graves, CEO, says this partnership is a steppingstone in a plan for the future of the agency where its professional and managed services are complemented with new apps and products. “Silicon Reef and Soundbite align naturally with our shared aims to create an employee empowered way of working,“ he says. “Making employees’ daily lives in the workforce simpler, more efficient and, most importantly, suited to the way each individual works – this is the path to creating a way we can all work happy.” 

Soundbite’s co-founder and CEO, Mike Lantzy said of our partnership, “Combining Silicon Reef’s ability to bring a more sustainable and better-connected modern workflow with Soundbite’s micro-podcasting and short-form audio capabilities, means we can both offer our clients the ability to innovate and evolve their communications strategies.” 

Soundbite provide the technologies that allow businesses to create impactful internal messaging and, overall, improve remote communications. This ability to use digestible voice recordings to cut through the visual noise – of streams of text chat, and full mailboxes – will be a game changer for our clients, Alex believes. “This partnership will give our clients the opportunity to create impactful internal messaging and significantly improve remote communications. This way of connecting across teams is here to stay.” 

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