What next? Have Fun with Calls to Action!

What makes a good call to action in audio? Here we cover what can help you increase engagement for your employee announcements with calls to action.

Internal communicators and change management teams often focus on telling people information. That’s great – awareness is the first important step in change management.

But many times, they want employees to also act on this information – to do something.

Yet, there is no concrete request. No “call to action.”

Soundbites drive real engagement, yet need to need to have a compelling call to action to get employees, managers, and leaders taking the steps you’d like them to accomplish. 

What makes a good call to action in audio? A recent Podnews article had five tips to follow for podcasts. The same works for Soundbites to help you increase engagement for your employee announcements and calls to action:

1. Make it clear – what is it you want listeners to do after listening?

Example: to submit ideas for a new hybrid working employee experience plan (using Soundbite)

2. Use an enticing offer or incentive to those who act

Example: If you submit an idea, you can join a leadership forum where your idea is discussed and assessed. 

Example 2: You will get access to an *exclusive* Soundbite feed. For example, this may have short five-minute discussions of deas by leadership where you feature more CTAs!

3. Give a deadline for when the listener should take action

Example: Two weeks is usually the maximum effective deadline to get people moving. You can remind employees of that deadline as it decreases in the time left. 

4. Be specific about what will happen if listeners don’t act on your CTA

Example: You can explain that this is your only chance to have your views heard on our new hybrid working policy. We want your input but must time box our policy creation process. If you don’t make suggestions now, we will not review the policy for another 12 months. [You need to use some FOMO]

5. Keep your desired action concise, so listeners are more likely to follow through.

Example: In your Soundbite, include a link to the idea submission Soundbite feed. Make it simple, straightforward, concise, and easy to take action. 

And there you go: a simple one-minute Soundbite can invite people to submit, create some FOMO, and generate new ideas for your hybrid employee experience. Using CTA’s with Soundbite is a great approach that gets people to engage with your company announcements and requests for action.

For 15 years, James Tyer has designed and facilitated processes and enabled technologies that help change to happen successfully. James helps large communities of people work together and is the author of Social by Design. James helps design the facilitation process, build bridges between silos, and teach/coach new ways of working and collaborating.

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