What can be better than email?

Email engagement is at an all-time low as consumers continue to shift to preferred methods of short-form communications.

While email tools might make life easier on your team, it doesn’t necessarily help you realize better engagement with your employees and front-line team members.

Even surveys from most email providers validate this.


To communicate better, you should give our secure short-form content a shot as an alternative to email.

Soundbites see much greater engagement than email (you can embed a Soundbite in an email) and are accessible anywhere by your audiences in Slack, Teams, SharePoint, our web app, etc. And they are more secure than sending emails given they automatically associate with a user’s identity and integrate with your existing distribution lists or security groups. Then there is reporting and analytics, the list of reasons why Soundbites are better than email goes on and on.

Soundbites also break the email pain chain by providing an engagement-based commercial model that makes trying Soundbites an easy decision for most!

About Soundbite: Soundbite.ai is next-generation enterprise audio communications. We help you connect with employees everywhere by using secure Soundbites and Podcasts.

The possibilities for Soundbite are endless. With short-form audio and podcasting, you can realize new communications processes that are over 90% more efficient and engaging.