Why isn’t Soundbite like your old-school Podcast app?

Just ask, how much better could you do if you could have everything you'd expect from a consumer Podcast app and more?

What if you could notify and reach your audiences with our engaging Soundbites and Podcasts in mobile-first technologies like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Intranets, and emails where they get work done every day?

What if you could have global analytics from any endpoint and audience targeting? What if you could create custom experiences and audio first applications? What if you could cut down on emails or meetings for better productivity and wellness in the workplace?

These are some of the questions we asked before deciding to rewrite what audio for the enterprise means with Soundbite.

So why did we do this?

It started with a love for audio and a gap analysis where we asked the questions. “If audio is so great in the consumer space, why does private podcasting not have mass adoption in the corporate space?” “Why are there no good private podcasting options?”

We quickly realized consumer podcast apps do not translate well for internal communications.

The primary purpose of a Podcast app is to let you notify people via their preferred channel and push content to preferred consumers. They don’t do this in the enterprise space. They make users adopt yet another app and fight against communications teams’ strategies to connect with their employees.

Our research brought us to the conclusion that Podcast apps will never gain mass enterprise adoption. Simply because they are not designed for the enterprise and are held back by years of legacy code that limits them to simple player embeds and no real integration with the apps your employees use today.

The reason audio in the enterprise has yet to gain global adoption is that legacy podcasting technologies are holding the market back.

And then, when we dug into security, it turns out, could it be that they are consumer applications repurposed with bandaids and no enterprise content level security? User management and SSO are industry standards, table-steaks per se. Yet to gain mass adoption in the enterprise, you have to think about audience targeting and securing THE CONTENT ITSELF! OK, now we have something. It is almost 2022, and every content platform secure’s content and provides permissions at the file level, yet this is not the case for legacy audio.

So we set out on a mission to change the way enterprise audio is approached with Soundbite.

We recreated what enterprise audio means from the inside out starting with the most granular and enterprise security model to date and an API that would allow us to deliver Soundbite experiences that are deeply integrated with the applications you use today!

Do we have an app? Yes, we do.
Are we app first? No, we are not.

Soundbite lives where your employees work, and if you have employees without access to corporate systems, then they can use our secure app.

In addition to supporting podcasting, we also invented the Soundbite. Which is our short-form audio format for capturing corporate messages and whatever is on your mind.

With Soundbites and our Soundbite ambassador program, we enable our customers with new communications innovation that democratizes and gives leaders voices to connect better with their employees.

And we give you all of this, without the overhead of per-user licensing, making Soundbite accessible to virtually any organization around the world.

Thank you for reading, this is how we give you everything you’d expect from a private Podcast app and more. To schedule a Soundbite pilot discussion, please contact us at marketing@soundbite.ai or our calendly.

About Soundbite: Soundbite.ai is next-generation enterprise audio communications. We help you connect with employees everywhere by using secure Soundbites and Podcasts.

The possibilities for Soundbite are endless. With short-form audio and podcasting, you can realize new communications processes that are over 90% more efficient and engaging.