Soundbite Recieves an A (95) from SecurityScorecard

Soundbite leads the industry in secure private podcasting and short form Soundbites for the enterprise!

Big news! Soundbite has achieved an A rating with SecurityScorecard!

From day one, Soundbite has been crafted as a security-first platform designed from the ground up to be the only turn-key enterprise audio player in the market! By applying our born-in-the-cloud approach, we have taken the best-in-breed features of Microsoft Azure to deliver scalability and security for the most demanding customers around the globe! Visit our Trust Center to learn more!

About SecurityScorecard

A Gartner Customer’s Choice, SecurityScorecard is an information security company that rates cybersecurity postures of corporate entities through completing scored analysis of cyber threat intelligence signals for the purposes of third party management and IT risk management.

About Soundbite is next-generation enterprise audio communications. We help you connect with employees everywhere by using secure Soundbites and Podcasts.

The possibilities for Soundbite are endless. With short-form audio and podcasting, you can realize new communications processes that are over 90% more efficient and engaging.