It is simple to create the perfect Soundbite, hit record, and go!

Creating real-world connections with authentic content presents the best opportunity for you to create a perfect Soundbite.

The way people connect and consume information has changed. 

Yet, it can be challenging for internal communicators to create authentic content as our professional expectations have been influenced by legacy journalistic ‘reporting’ experiences shaped by legacy production mentalities.

Many of us ‘think’ we need professional-quality podcasts as the NY Times, PBS or the BBC would produce. And, for sure, that would be great, if we had time, budget, a professional recording studio, and a group of high-end audio producers. But this is not the key, it is not the secret to creating great content.

But you know what is key: it’s the human voice and authenticity.

Not adding fancy music, not editing out human errors (“umm” and “errs”)

And not adding old-school radio sound effects!

Our perspective is supported by research published in the American Journal of Distance Education in 2018. Researchers found the presence of sound effects and music in an audio-only presentation did not significantly increase or decrease learning. The most important thing was the voice of the presenter (and the content itself). 

We suggest simply seeking out a good speaker. Let a great speaker record a Soundbite in their way. Don’t worry about making it fancy. Don’t overthink it. And automatically distribute to the tools people already work in through Soundbite. Do this, and you will increase employee engagement with Soundbites and Podcasts.

And if you need some help, you can use our Soundbite Canvas to help you think through your content strategy.

You can check our the Soundbite Canvas here.

The research link is here: Audio Engagement and Learning: American Journal of Distance Education: Vol 32, No 4 (

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