Audio BarCamp 2022

Learn how to use Soundbites and Podcasts at the 2nd Annual Audio BarCamp hosted by Cogneon.

Learn how to use Soundbite! 

Come join us at audio barcamp! Learn how to use Soundbites and Podcasts to cut down on meetings and emails.  The 2nd annual Audio BarCamp (#audiobc22) will take place on March 24th from 10-5 PM CET.  This camp will be hosted in audio-only and through Microsoft Teams.

Specifically, the camp will focus on the use of short-form and medium audio in organizations and on business applications such as podcasts for corporate and leadership communications, knowledge transfer, and training or audio chats.

Given the wide availability of internal and external platforms like Soundbite and Microsoft Stream, you can be sure that audio will continue to gain traction!

You can register here or contact to request one of five free passes to the conference.