The 90 Second Podcast with Ed Palmer, founder of 212 Radio UK

How are you unknowingly alienating your audience? It'll take 90 seconds of your day to find out.



Welcome back to the 90 Sec. Podcast, helping you make impactful content and trying to do it really, really quickly. My name is Ed from 212 and on this episode, I’m talking to Mike in Dallas, Texas.

Mike, please introduce yourself.

So I’m Mike Lantzy. 

I’m the co-founder of Soundbite. And Soundbite is a short form communications platform. And what that means is we help virtually anyone create audio soundbites that can be heard anywhere within their organizations.

If you please, Mike, what’s your one tip for making great content?

One of the things that I’ve come to learn throughout the years is; so many times, rather than creating better connections, many corporate, internal and external communications professionals unknowingly isolate many employees. 

Why is that? I truly believe that it’s a lack of authenticity. We know that technology and COVID-19 has changed people; they know what corporate BS speak is. They know what ghostwritten statements look like. And it’s mainly because there are examples everywhere. I mean, they’re across Reddit, they’re across LinkedIn. My tip is when I’m working with corporate and internal and external communications professionals, is that I cannot stress enough for them; if a communicator is real, if they’re transparent and they seek to truly and actively help people understand the why, then they will come across as authentic and they will find greater success in their communications Journey.

Huge thanks to Mike Lantzy from Soundbite. So corporate content creators, listen up. Be authentic. No more corporate speak. We can all hear it, even when you think we can’t.

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After Ed’s career in producing and presenting radio (Heart Breakfast), he started 212 – where he brings professional broadcasting to corporate communications, to ensure your messaging is clear and engaging.

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