Join Mike Lantzy at the 6th Annual Digital Workplace Summit in Las Vegas

Future Channels 2022 and Beyond: Incorporating Short-Form Content Into Your Communications Strategy

Over the past five years, consumer adoption of short-form audio and video content as skyrocketed with platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat.  Why is it that employee communications have not kept up?


Well, for starters, communications have not kept up for a couple of critical reasons, not understanding how and why it should fit into your communications strategy. And analysis paralysis, which keeps many organizations from being able to deploy and iterate quickly.

This session will dive into what short-form content is, how to gather and create it, and how it can quickly integrate and deploy into an enterprise communications strategy. You will learn the benefits of creating more authentic connections, storytelling, and aligning short-form content with communications initiatives that result in greater employee engagement and sentiment. You will leave equipped with the knowledge needed to build a pilot roadmap that ensures long-term success, including how to align short-form content with your company’s strategic goals.  Such as:

  • Getting your team engaged
  • Building your business case and securing business ambassadors
  • Benchmarking user satisfaction and analyzing engagement to improve your digital communications plan.

You’ll take away a guide with step-by-step instructions for creating your case for short-form audio and video, and a list of ideas that will help you communicate better with your employees.

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