Why do we keep writing emails when employees are not reading?

We’re still using too much email. And employees are still not reading!

ContactMonkey just released their 2022 Internal Email Benchmark Report. We reviewed last years’ report, and things aren’t getting any better! 

The report covers 43,000+ email campaigns and shows just how over-reliant internal communications are on email. The stats are disappointing:

70% of recipients tend to open emails, which isn’t bad. The problem? They are not doing anything with the emails:

• The average click rate is only 7%

• 55% of employees spend under 10 seconds reading the email

• The bigger you are as a company, the fewer people read emails (with some exceptions)

The report suggests that a lack of measurement technology is what holds back success with internal communication emails. We somewhat disagree. Rather, internal communicators should stop focusing on email as the only or predominant form of workplace communication. Consider Soundbite as an alternative. Why?

• Soundbite conveys stories and messages far more effectively than email. If you want to create a real connection between your leaders and employees, have your leaders talk.

• Soundbite is more engaging than video (so stop thinking video is the only alternative to email)

• Soundbite plays an important role in your communications strategy – but it’s different from what you might expect

• We’re not just talking about Podcasts

• Get your calls to action … actioned