Work Got You Burnt Out? Try Using Your Voice.

These days, it's no wonder that people feel burnt out. Post-Covid, everything is online, and we still haven't figured out how to properly communicate with one another.

Employees are exhausted from unnecessary meetings, extensive emails, and unproductivity wasting their time. At Soundbite, we’ve found a solution. We know you talk to your friends using voice memos, so why not communicate that way in the workplace? If it’s easier, why wouldn’t you do it, especially in the place where things aren’t always easy? Exactly. Sound allows you to hear tone. It triggers your understanding, and it helps you sense emotion. Reading emails makes you anxious, unsteady, and unproductive. Let’s change that.

Ever wondered why you like audiobooks better than reading? According to Well + Good, “listening to an audiobook may lead to developing greater empathy because you’re hearing the emotion in the narrator’s voice, not just reading it on the page. Listening to an emotionally-driven storyteller engages emotional circuits in the brain and can heighten the intensity and imagery of the episodes, leading to deeper processing of the narrative and greater enjoyment of the material than experienced by reading a book.” If listening to a voice allows for better processing of information, with more enjoyment in doing so, why should voice communication end with books? Voice communication is the wave of the future.

When you read off a page or a screen, the left side of your brain is activated. When you listen to an audio of that writing, both sides of your brain are activated. By activating speech and sound, you gain access to tone, emotion, and environment. Speech allows you to tell a story. It’s no wonder that people send over 7 billion voice messages every day on WhatsApp alone. Audio messages allow for deeper connection and understanding. Why wouldn’t we use that in the workplace? If it makes you more comfortable and productive, we’re all for it.


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