The Future is Soundbite

Twentyfour months ago, we started with a simple business plan. Identify low-hanging fruit in an industry we enjoy working in where no technology innovation has occurred in 10+ years.

Naturally, our team chose the employee communications space.

To build a great SaaS company, start with a business problem(s).

And that problem is typically being solved by something today, it might be terrible, but that is the status quo. 

We picked. 

Solve communications creation, orchestration, and engagement challenges with a modern twist, Short-Form Content.

Our customer status quo is email, intranet/employee comms apps, and text which don’t appeal to most audiences.

Then you have to solve that problem

10x better = the product

10x less expensive = consumption-based

10x more efficient and engaging = the result

Today we are excited to announce that we are helping over 20+ enterprise customers with 250,000 audience members solve communications challenges to realize a better future with Soundbite.

Our future is bright and we thank you for joining us on our journey!