Soundbite & Internet2 Partnership

Soundbite Internet2 Cloud Scorecard Research and higher education institutions can now quickly assess how Soundbite meets common requirements to operate in complex technology, security, compliance, and legal environments with the Internet2 Cloud Scorecard. At Soundbite, we recognize the need for thoughtful cloud service evaluation and review to ensure we meet security, compliance, and technology requirements. We believe the … Read more

Security Scorecare A 95

From day one, Soundbite has been crafted as a security-first platform designed from the ground up to be the only turn-key enterprise audio player in the market! By applying our born-in-the-cloud approach, we have taken the best-in-breed features of Microsoft Azure to deliver scalability and security for the most demanding customers around the globe!

Why isn’t Soundbite like your old-school Podcast app?

Why isn’t Soundbite like your old-school Podcast app? Just ask, how much better could you do if you could have everything you’d expect from a consumer Podcast app and more? What if you could notify and reach your audiences with our engaging Soundbites and Podcasts in mobile-first technologies like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Intranets, and emails … Read more

Barn to Boardroom

Barn to Boardroom Join The Surgery and our Mike Lantzy who will be will be giving the gift of a new channel idea at Barn to Boardroom – the BIG Christmas Give-Away on Weds 1 December from 4 pm. This is the seventh year of Barn to Boardroom where we give away small Soundbite sized … Read more

What can be better than email?

What can be better than email? Email engagement is at an all-time low as consumers continue to shift to preferred methods of short-form communications. While email tools might make life easier on your team, it doesn’t necessarily help you realize better engagement with your employees and front-line team members. Even surveys from most email providers … Read more