Find the Right Soundbite Plan for You

How it Works is built on Microsoft Azure, the world’s most trusted platform.

create, schedule, and notify

Easily create an annoucement, feeback request, or meeting. Soundbite automatically notifies, reminds, and guides users to participate at their convenience. 

Listen and transcribe

Listen to recordings in the apps you use today and enjoy multiple listening options.  Soundbite also provides searchable transcripts for those who prefer to read.

knowledge base

Search and easily share recordings and transcripts with cross functional teams. Enable better decisions with the comprehensive meeting repository.

Supported Integrations

Microsoft Teams and Slack. Our APIs enable you to connect Soundbite services to virtually any software or app.


Standard subscriptions include support from 9-5 PST and community knowledge base access.  Custom training is also available.

Free Updates

Subscriptions include software updates and new features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a user licensed?

Each user is mapped to an active directory ID or user ID such as email address.

Can we have custom meeting retention schedules?

Dedicated enterprise tenants can leverage custom meeting retention schedules.

What about security and compliance?

Information on security and compiance can be found here 

Security and Compliance

Do i need a soundbite license to participate?

Yes, each internal user needs to be licensed. When invited, external participants also need to register for a Soundbite account.

Why can i not purchase off the website?

Simply contact us, we will help answer questions and provide quotes over the phone or via email.

What are your support hours?

Soundbite support is available from 9-5 PST.  Global 24/7 support options are also available with our enterprise license.