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Hosted every Wednesday at 11 am CST, 12 pm EST, and 9 am PST.

During these 30 minutes we cover:

  • Trends in digital workplace technology for 2022
  • Easy-to-implement, quick wins that make a big impact
  • Examples of innovative and inspiring features that are already making a difference for our clients
  • Brief Soundbite Demonstration with Q&A

“I needed a means for relaying critical and time-sensitive information to everyone more expediently and Soundbite is an answer to that problem.

Whereas email and even chats can get buried in the pile, Soundbite is targeted, exclusive and efficient.

The level of engagement from it, and the responsiveness to it, is unparalleled.”

Denny H., McAfee, Director of Communications

Internal communications teams and business leaders around the world leverage the Soundbite platform to communicate better with employees.