Soundbite™ for Your Frontline Workforce 

Traditional written communications isolate and inconvenience many employees resulting in a disconnect. 

With Soundbite™ for Microsoft Teams, you can show empathy and create a sense of purpose by sharing personalized short-form content with frontline workers.

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Soundbite™ + Microsoft Teams enables your frontline workforce

According to Microsoft, about 78 percent of leaders said that equipping the frontline workforce with modern technology like Soundbite™ is key to success.

How it works

Soundbite™ for the Frontline Workforce

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We've truly appreciated our partnership with soundbite and are
looking forward to many years ahead with them.

Brandon Donat - CEO & President at Mid America Specialty Service
Use Case
Mid America Speciality Services

Internal Communications & Front Line Communications


Give everyone a voice and support your neurodiverse workforce

Recent studies conclude that over 56 percent of the workforce reads below a sixth-grade level, and 25% are illiterate.

Soundbite™ is the perfect solution for connecting with 100% of your frontline workers.

Inspire your frontline workforce of the future

Provide neurodiverse frontline workers authentic communications that give them the flexibility to listen when they want.

Get better results than highly produced videos because audio stories engage more cognitive and emotional processing than watching videos.

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Murphy company

We used to have to tell our field managers to instruct people to read emails at morning meetings. It never worked. Soundbite™ helped us get our messages out to the field in a timely manner and are listened to everyday through Microsoft Teams.

Chris C. - VP of Field Operations
Frontline workers


Digital Realty

We use Soundbite™ to reach our Data Center Operations teams with our Data Center Talk podcasts and quick Soundbites from regional leadership to reach people through SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Shana S. - Internal Communications Manager
Frontline worker truck driver

Give workers the flexibility to focus on what matters

Help frontline workers spend more time helping customers and focusing on their goals and less time reading through emails or searching intranets and employee apps for critical information.

Help people embrace your company's mission

Ambassadors are executives and frontline leaders who communicate with Soundbite™ to recognize excellent work by frontline employees.

Ambassadors share kudos, updates, and strategic communications that help align your frontline to company goals.

Frontline workers in the mines
Frontline worker woman on a forklift

Provide knowledge
at the right time

Exceed business expectations by making it easy to engage new employees, share stories, and deliver knowledge on the ground. 

Whether you are communicating a COVID policy, executive update, or podcast interview, Soundbite™ for Microsoft Teams gets critical information with a human touch to frontline employees.

Frontline workers



I needed a means for relaying critical and time-sensitive information and delegating action items to everyone more expediently and Soundbite™ is the answer to that problem.

Denny H. - Director of Communications
Frontline worker


emory healthcare

The healthcare environment moves extremely fast. Soundbite™ helps us quickly connect with our frontline and clinical staff with important announcements and day-to-day messages.

Kathleen M. - Director of Internal Communications

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