Solve employee engagement and communications challenges by connecting people everywhere with Soundbite™.

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What is Soundbite™?

Soundbite™ is our innovative short-form communications solution for sharing corporate news, updates, policies, tasks, gratitude, and stories.


Soundbite™ for your frontline workforce

Traditional written communications isolate and inconvenience many neurodiverse employees resulting in a disconnect. Learn more about how Soundbite™ can help you connect with your frontline workforce.

How do you reach people who don't read emails?

Meet people where they work with Soundbite™. It works with all the best apps and many more.

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Connect People Everywhere Across Microsoft 365.

Soundbite™ for Microsoft Teams, Viva, SharePoint, and Yammer powers hybrid work, remote team collaboration, and frontline worker communications.

How Customers Use

Human Resources

Human Resources

Drive wellness initiatives, communicate benefits, guidelines, policies, and procedures that help get  people to visit and engage with your intranet investment.

Internal Communications

Create, plan, and share curated content in just a few clicks. Whether it’s a COVID policy,  executive update, or a podcast, you can trust Soundbite™ to deliver and engage your audiences where they work like Microsoft Teams.

Frontline workers in the mines

Frontline Workers

Traditional leadership communications can generate apathy within the frontline ranks. Soundbite™ delivers critical information with a human touch to frontline employees so they know you are on their side.

Executives & Leadership

Executives & Leadership

Is human connection what’s missing in email? 

Create trusted relationships and communicate better with employees by sharing short-form audio and video.

Sales & Product Teams

Sales & Product Teams

Communicate internal organizational updates, product releases, important wins, and training updates in a way that doesn’t require them to skip client meetings or comb through email.

Man on laptop

Safety & Compliance

Use Soundbite™ to connect your nuerodiverse frontline workers through the apps and devices you use today. You’ll know if your frontline is engaged with our analytics and acknowledgements.

Internal communications teams and business leaders around the world leverage the Soundbite™ platform to communicate better with employees.

How it works

Studio quality

Studio quality
without the studio

Studio is our solution for creating, managing, and publishing short form audio and podcasts.

Our recording features automatically remove noise, enhance speech, and make you sound like a pro with acoustic echo cancellation and audio quality enhancement.

Meet people
where they work

With our Microsoft Teams app and universal web parts, Soundbite™ lets audiences engage where they get work done.


You can listen in Microsoft Teams, employee intranets, email newsletters, and social collaboration tools like Workplace by Meta or Yammer.


Not entirely clear on how this works?

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Meet people where they work
Make calls to action stand out

Make calls to
action stand out

Let’s be honest. people don’t read internal communications emails or visit your intranet often.

So what do you do when you need them to?

Soundbite™ gives you calls to action, that get more employees, managers, and leaders to complete surveys, tasks, and more.

Use data to
analyze and evolve

Soundbite™ gives you a better visibility into your audiences from day one with employee engagement reports across all of your business.

Our reports gather insights into listener behavior, content performance, and organizational adoption.

With actionable insights, you can target audiences better, learn where your audiences like to engage, and see the impact of each Soundbite inside your organization.

Use data to analyse
Global Enterprise security

Global Enterprise
Class Security

From the world’s largest data center REIT and consumer credit reporting companies to global banks, our customers trust us.

Soundbite™ is built with Microsoft Azure, the worlds leading global public cloud infrastructure, and supports virtually every enterprise security and compliance requirement.

Soundbite™ automatically synchronizes with Active Directory (AD) distribution lists and groups to let creators share with targeted audiences in minutes.

Visit our Trust Center to learn more.


Ready to learn more?

Ready to learn more

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