Imagine what becomes possible when you can automatically deliver short-form content and podcasts to where people get work done like Microsoft Teams along with your legacy intranet and email newsletters.

Man on a tablet using Microsoft Teams to communicate
Listen anywhere with Soundbite in Microsoft Teams

Simplify Comms

We have entered a world of content overload and confusion. 

70%+ of emails are glanced at or go unopened, overly produced content is ignored, and intranet engagement is at an all-time low.

Perhaps it is time to try something new?

Soundbite™ for your frontline workforce

Traditional written communications isolate and inconvenience many employees resulting in a disconnect. Learn more about how Soundbite™ can help you reach and include your frontline workforce, including Microsoft Teams.

Soundbite™ Makes Content Easily Accessible

Why Soundbite™?

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Soundbite™ shares content that is short, convenient, and engaging.

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Content meets people where they work and are easy to create.

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Support your neurodiverse workforce by introducing short-form content.

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Substantial reporting capabilities provide visibility and recommendations for improvement.

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No long processes or optimizing layouts or production time needed.

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Start for less and get more in return than producing a formal podcast or video.

Soundbite™ has quickly become the preferred communications channel for our customers.


Soundbite™ is easy to setup.
You can get people recording, and listening in no time.

Setup Soundbite in Microsoft Teams
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Custom Integrations

With our API and Typescript SDK, you have the power to enable virtually any application with Soundbite™.

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Trust Center

Learn how we built with Microsoft Trust to create the most secure platform for global enterprise communications.

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The way people connect and consume information has changed.

Creating real-world connections with authentic short-form content presents the best opportunity for you to create a better hybrid workplace experience.


Soundbite™ will reduce your comms production times by 90% and help you realize much better engagement than anything done today.

Connect People Everywhere Across Microsoft 365.

Soundbite™ for Microsoft Teams, Viva, SharePoint, and Yammer powers hybrid work, remote team collaboration, and frontline worker communications.

Woman on a laptop creating Soundbites in Microsoft Teams

Don't get
left behind

95% of people under the age of 35 engage with recorded audio outside of work in one way or another.


Professionally cover all comms channels

Are you a thought leader who wants to align best practices for comms to cover all preferences: Audio, visual, experiential, and written?

If so, then Soundbite™ could be a great fit for you.

Woman listening to Soundbites in her Microsoft Teams app
Executive running while listening to Soundbite Podcasts in the Microsoft Teams app

Help your busy
executives communicate

Enable your executives to share short-form messages to Microsoft Teams, Viva, Yammer, and SharePoint.

With a couple of clicks in Soundbite™, your executives can share updates and stories with their teams in no time. 

Curious how this works? We would love to get Soundbite™ in your hands!


Soundbite™ integrates seamlessly with all the best apps.

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Ready to learn more?

Ready to learn more

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