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Soundbite™ for Microsoft Teams, Viva, SharePoint, and Yammer powers hybrid work, remote team collaboration, and frontline worker communications.

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Impactful communications,
and less email.

Soundbite™ lets internal communicators and collaborators engage people where they work with our solutions for Microsoft 365.

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Solutions for your frontline workforce

According to Microsoft, about 78 percent of leaders said that equipping the frontline workforce with modern technology like Soundbite™ is key to success.

Our frontline worker solutions for Microsoft Teams, Viva, Yammer & SharePoint redefine how businesses think about employee engagement.

Async communications built for remote and hybrid work

The pandemic has fundamentally transformed employee communications expectations.

Learn why we started Soundbite™ in 2020, our modern approach with short-form content, and how we can help you empower your employee communications.


How do you reach people who don't read emails?

Reach neurodiverse audiences with Soundbite™ for Microsoft Teams and give people a break from their screens and with less email.

Internal communications teams and executives use Soundbite™ for business updates, employee recognition, HR communications, and podcast series.

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Microsoft Teams

Less email. Smarter meetings. Better health. More productivity.


Microsoft Viva

Keep up with Soundbite™ in Viva Connections and Insights.

What we are all about

We believe traditional communications isolate many employees resulting in disconnects, so we created Soundbite™ to solve this simple yet very complex problem.

Our team is a congregation of neurodiverse and neurodivergent people who want to help give all people an opportunity to have a voice and better workplace experiences.

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Microsoft Yammer

Make Soundbite™ social with our Yammer posts feature.

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Microsoft SharePoint

Modernize your legacy intranet with Soundbite™ for SharePoint.

Unified Reporting with Soundbite and Microsoft

Unified reporting
across Microsoft 365

Retrieve and monitor all of your content engagement data in the one place, across all your Microsoft 365 platforms. Making it truly easy to see how your content is performing.

Easy to set up with
enterprise security

Soundbite™ is built with decades of enterprise class cloud technology knowledge, an approach emphasising defense-in-depth, and the security backing of Microsoft.

Visit our Trust Center to learn more.

Directory sync with Soundbite and Microsoft

Ready to learn more?

Ready to learn more

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