“In today’s world of remote and hybrid work, it’s not sufficient to only encourage self-care. 

We need to innovate and leverage technology to help employees operationalize much-needed breaks into their daily routines.”

– Kathleen Hogan

Chief People Officer at Microsoft

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Bored worker

Why don't we meet less?

“People have 250 percent more meetings every day than they did before the pandemic,” says Mary Czerwinski, the research manager of the Human Understanding and Empathy group at Microsoft.

“That means everything else—like coding and email and writing—is being pushed later.”

Workday creep and meeting creep aren’t two separate trends; they’re the same trend.

Work Smarter with Soundbite™

Try the Soundbite™ for Microsoft Teams and reduce your time spent in meetings by 70% or more!

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Connect People Everywhere Across Microsoft 365.

Soundbite™ for Microsoft Teams, Viva, SharePoint, and Yammer powers hybrid work, remote team collaboration, and internal communications.

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Help people embrace your hybrid workplace mission.

Soundbite™ Ambassadors are champions who communicate and recognize excellent work by empowering all employees with Soundbite™ to align them with hybrid workplace and wellness goals.

Give workers the flexibility to focus on what matters.

Spend more time helping customers, focusing on goals and less time sitting in meetings, reading through emails, or searching meeting recordings for critical information with Soundbite™.

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Provide information
at the right time.

Exceed business expectations by making it easy to engage with your team, share stories, and deliver knowledge on the ground. 

Whether you are communicating an update, new policy, or simply talking about an interesting topic or problem, with Soundbite™ for Microsoft Teams gets critical information with a human touch to your team.

Measure employee engagement without breaking trust.

Hybrid work requires trust and flexibility.

Soundbite™ engagement reports let you see how well your team is engaged without spyware.

Unified Reporting with Soundbite and Microsoft

Technology that works for you!

"The timing for Soundbite™ couldn't be better as enterprises across the world are thinking about transforming the employee experience as hybrid work becomes the new normal. By re-envisioning how meetings can happen, Soundbite™ gives me more focus time while not sacrificing collaboration so I can get work done."

Avi Sujeeth, Microsoft, Enterprise CSM

How do I get out and meet less?

With a worldwide team, it is often difficult to collaborate with everyone in real-time given the time zone differences. Soundbite™ lets me relay critical and time-sensitive information and action items to everyone more expediently. Whereas email and even chats can get buried in the pile, competing with many others, Soundbite™ is targeted, exclusive and efficient. The level of engagement from it, and the responsiveness to it, is unparalleled."

Denny Hanrahan, McAfee, Director of Unified Communications

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